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Click Here then Log into the Risk & Benefits Management System Using your UserID and Password per your Benefits Guide. When you successfully log in, notice your SDOC eMail Address on the Right Side listed under Your Profile. If the SDOC eMail line lists an eMail address other than your First Class Account, call the Help Desk at 407.870.4037 and ask to correct your TERMS eMail address to match your First Class Account.
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Notes on registering for the first time.
Registering for an Employee Portal is easy, but here are a few tips in registering. The Employee Portal is available to any employee that has a First Class eMail Account. A lot of care has been exercised in assuring all the First Class eMail accounts were transferred correctly, but there may be an incident where one or two did not. If your First Class eMail address was garbled when it was transferred to TERMS, you won't be able to log in. If you can't register, you can tell if we have the proper email address by following the instructions for 'I did not find an eMail address' above.
To Register, click the link that contains 'Register Now!' and the registration Web Page is presented. Fill in the blanks. Enter the beginning of your eMail address, we know it contains @Osceola.K12.FL.US, so you won't have to type all that. Pick a Password, more than 7 characters but less than 10 characters. CASE IS IMPORTANT! Retype the same password again incase you made any typographic errors. DO NOT USE YOUR EMPLOYEE ID NUMBER! Anyone can determine your eMail address and your employee number and could gain access to your personal information so DO NOT USE YOUR EMPLOYEE ID!
You will need to enter your Birthdate and SSN to prove you own that eMail address. Notice that the Web Page is secured using https:// so your Employee Portal Session is secure, you can even access your information from your home computer.
In case you forget your password, enter a 'Challenge Question'. If you forgot your password, click on the 'Oops! I Forgot My Portal Password' link, the Employee Portal will ask you the 'Challenge Question'. You will then provide the answer. An eMail will be sent to your First Class eMail Account with your password. A few words of caution: Pick a question that only you can answer, do not pick a question that anyone could answer. If possible, keep it to a single word. AGAIN CASE IS IMPORTANT! NEVER ASK OR ANSWER ABOUT YOUR EMPLOYEE ID! Finally collect your eMailed password from a District Computer Only! District Computers getting First Class eMail are guaranteed secure. From anywhere outside the district not necessarily so.
If you cannot remember the answer to your 'Challenge Question', there is no need to call the Help Desk. Just reregister!Registering will delete any prior Portal Login Info. Click --> I forgot the answer to my Challenge Question! Reregister Me!